Nature reading path  Nature reading path

Via Natura – Learn from nature over 126 km

The "Via Natura" offers for big and small hikes for every taste

Over 126km, 11 themes and through 10 municipalities. Every stage offers new opportunities to discover nature and to enjoy it. The "VIA NATURA" allows one to behold the wonders of colour, form and phenomenon, the power lies in the togetherness with nature.....



Mit Unterstützung vom Bund und der Europäischen Union

These 10 stages tell of the wonders of nature:

1: Nature reading learning
Neumarkt – St. Marein

2: Inspirationsquelle Natur – Bionik
St. Marein - Zeutschach

3: Wisdom of water
Zeutschach - St. Lambrecht

4: Sound and spirituality
St. Lambrecht - St.Blasen

5: The biography of the earth
St. Blasen - Mariahof

6: Prople and plants
Mariahof - Perchau

7: Weather and climate
Perchau - Mühlen


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Etappe 1

Vivarium – Neumarkt
Theme: Organism forest
Duration: ca. 1 hr
Distance: 3,1 km
Etappe 2

Neumarkt – St. Marein
Theme: Nature reading learning
Duration: ca. 1 hr
Distance: 3,1 km
Etappe 3

St. Marein – Zeutschach
Theme: Natures Inspiration source
Duration: ca. 2 hr
Distance: 4,7 km
Etappe 4

Zeutschach – St. Lambrecht
Theme: Wisdom of water
Duration: ca. 6 hr
Distance: 15,8 km
Etappe 5

St. Lambrecht - St.Blasen
Theme: Sound and Spirituality
Duration: ca. 1,5 hr
Distance: 3,7 km
Etappe 6

St. Blasen - Mariahof
Theme: Biography of the Earth
Duration: ca. 4,5 hr
Distance: 12 km
Etappe 7

Mariahof - Perchau
Theme: People and Plants
Duration: 5,5 hr
Distance: 13,9 km
Etappe 8

Perchau - Mühlen
Theme: Weather and climate
Duration: ca. 12 hr
Distance: 35,4 km
Etappe 9

Mühlen - Kulm
Theme: Working in harmony with nature
Duration: 2 hr
Distance: 5,6 km
Etappe 10

Kulm - Dürnstein
Theme: Energy fields in Nature
Duration: 6 hr
Distance: 15,5 km
Etappe 11

Dürnstein - Vivarium
Theme: Points of strength in people and landscapes
Duration: 5,5 hr
Distance: 14,4 km



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